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Monthly Newsletter - April 2017

Fishing For All The Family

Welcome to our newsletter for April! It has been a great month at Balmule, with the Easter holidays really kicking both the fun pool and main fishery into action. This will mark the start of our second full season open as a fishery. We are very grateful to all of our customers who regularly visit and leave good feedback even if there bags are not full. April has seen the beginning of our floodlit fishing and our first competition, which was enjoyed by all. 
Please see below for some fishery notices, pictures of some recent catches in April and also a fishing report for the month. 
Fishery Notices
Opening Hours: The Fishery will now open at 7am and close at 10:30pm every day until further notice. 
Floodlit Fishing:  The floodlights are now in operation and means that you can fish on into the dark until 10:30pm.
Feedback Required:  What kind of tackle would you like to see available at the lodge?
Cigarette Butts: Please could anglers dispose of their cigarette butts in bins provided as it is never pleasant to visit a fishery with hundreds of them scattered around platforms. If you could help us with this it would be greatly appreciated

Floodlight Fishing is Now in Operation

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Davie 4lb 4oz

Junior - First Ever Fish! 

Fishing Report

April has seen the fishery become busier and busier as the days become warmer and longer. As with most fisheries, Balmule has had its ups and downs in terms of fishing. We have not had rain in a few weeks now and the water level has dropped, meaning that you should keep this in mind when setting up. Remember Balmule is relatively shallow - being only around 8-9ft at the deepest area. Many anglers have ventured up to the road-side section of the fishery and found that to be successful, with many getting their limit - remember it is shallower in this area. Successful anglers change bait, set up and/or position if they are not getting any luck - you hae to find where the fish are and what they want. 

Successful Bait - Sunshine Yellow Powerbait, Sping Green Powerbait, Mice Tails, Small Wagtail/Rubber Worm

Successful Flies - Ally McCoist, Yellow Dancer, Cat's Whisker, Black Damsel

Competition Winner -
Mark Fraser

Jay Buchanan - 3 Fish on Spinner